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Alliant Energy goes above and beyond what is expected of a typical utility company. They helped with all aspects of structuring our projects beyond just providing standard information on power & gas. They were key to our success with our clients.

Eric Stavriotis, Executive Vice PresidentCBRE | Advisory & Transaction Services

Our experienced team can streamline the process, mitigate risk and help you become operational faster.

Get the help you need to locate a site in Iowa or Wisconsin and customize  your options when you partner with our economic development team. Once you choose a site, you’ll have a dedicated representative on your project from start to finish.

Creating this partnership means going beyond simply providing power. Take advantage of Alliant Energy’s transportation subsidiary Travero.  Travero’s expertise includes rail service from CRANDIC Railway and its connecting partners; bulk storage and handling from Logistics Park Dubuque on the Mississippi River; and nationwide freight management services from Travero Logistics. These services are a valuable bonus when you locate in the Alliant Energy service area.