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Transitioning to a clean energy future

By February 9, 2022 No Comments

We continue to move forward with our energy mix goals through several exciting community partnerships. Our goal is to eliminate all coal from our generation fleet by 2040 and achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity we generate by 2050. 

Learn about two of our most recent projects that help advance our sustainability and energy goals.  

Iowa State University participates in Alliant Energy® Customer Hosted Renewables program 

The Iowa Board of Regents approved a request from Iowa State University to proceed with the development of the solar farm and enter into a lease agreement with Alliant Energy. The solar farm, in development as a part of our Customer Hosted Renewables Program, enables customers with available land to host solar facilities and receive lease payments and renewable energy credits. Alliant Energy will design, construct, own, operate and maintain the solar farm. 

“This new collaboration is the latest in our long-standing partnership with Alliant Energy to prepare our communities, state and nation for the future of energy and power,” said Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen. “The public-private partnership represented in the new solar farm will be a significant step in making progress on our mutual renewable energy and sustainability goals.” Learn how this project fits into the University’s five-year plan for sustainability in operations. 

Microgrid project set for Richland County, Wisconsin 

Village of Boaz residents in Richland County, Wisconsin, will soon see enhanced energy reliability as part of our new community-based microgrid system. The small-scale utility grid includes an “islanding” capability and dedicated power source that allows us to supply energy to the community in the event of an outage or service disruption on the central power grid.

“At Alliant Energy, we constantly look for ways to improve reliability and deploy cutting edge technical solutions to our customers,” said Mike Bremel, director of engineering and customer solutions. “This innovative project is one of several research pilot projects Alliant Energy will implement as we develop our renewable energy portfolio and energy storage solutions.”

To learn more about this exciting project read our news article: Project will improve reliability for Village of Boaz customers and advance Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint.