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2021 Alliant Energy Service Area Totals


Projects announced


Billion in new capital investment


New jobs

Animal Nutrition

Animal nutrition companies are growing in Iowa and Wisconsin

Across Alliant Energy’s Iowa and Wisconsin service area, a critical mass of companies are producing animal nutrition products especially concerned with the dietary needs and health of livestock and pets. These companies provide the science, innovation, technology and quality that feed animals fulfilling the growing global meat, milk and egg needs or for the 85 million U.S. families that are pet owners.

In addition, Iowa State University is constructing their $21.2 million Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex in Ames, Iowa. This will give students valuable real-world experiences that will benefit their future employers in the production of animal feeds and the manufacturing of food products. The mill will have a capacity of approximately 20,000 tons of feed per year once it is completed in the summer of 2021.


Projects announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature projects

The plant expansion demonstrates Cargill's commitment to building a thriving global business in Cedar Rapids. Adding the new production lines as well as further increased capacity is a testament to the belief in the growth of business.

Jamie DolynchulVice President - Cargill Health Technology

“Dubuque is an ideal location to service our customers across the U.S. and Canada. We look forward to growing our workforce and our capacity to serve our customers with this expanded footprint."

Scott SalmonPresident, Simmons Pet Food


A diverse and fast growing sector in Iowa and Wisconsin

Iowa and Wisconsin offer a diverse and fast growing bioscience sector that is outpacing the nation in scientific innovations that are reshaping all aspects of biotech development. With focused strategies in place to spur industry growth and job creation – companies throughout Alliant Energy’s service area are capitalizing on the agriculture and research capabilities in plant, animal and human biosciences being conducted by Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Projects announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature projects

The Nevada site’s infrastructure is a real attribute and allows us to accelerate our start-up processes. Most critically, Iowa offers us access to feedstock, corn stover, at the kinds of scale we require to meet our business objectives.

Greg NorthrupPresident of VERBIO North America

“Iowa has a deep understanding of the positive impact potential of projects like ours and has created an environment that is conducive to success. We are thrilled to bring our production to Clinton.”

Daniel MeyerPresident - Spiber America

Food Processing and Ingredients

Find a well-educated workforce of food scientists in Iowa and Wisconsin

Iowa State University’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition offers food and nutrition expertise. Research addresses current issues relevant to the industry. Over 4,000 manufacturers employ more than 215,000 Iowans, with 22.9% in food processing.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers degrees in food science to ensure a steady stream of food specialists entering Wisconsin’s workforce.

Iowa is the top producer of corn, hogs and eggs in the United States while ranking # 2 in soybeans and the production of red meat.

Wisconsin ranks #1 in the production of cranberries and snap peas, #2 dairy producer and #3 producer of potatoes in the United States.


Projects announced since 2018


Billion in new capital investment


New jobs

24 of the top 100 food processors in the nation are powered by Alliant Energy.

We were drawn to the unparalleled work ethic of Iowans, the agricultural know-how of Iowa State University and the proximity to favorable rail access as well as the critical regional supply of wheat. Barilla began U.S. production in Iowa in 1998, and we haven't looked back. Our continued investments in this facility reflect our deep commitment to the Ames community.

Claudio ColzaniCEO of Barilla Group

Indoor Agriculture

Building on major distribution routes and near population centers

Reach all major population centers of the upper Midwest within a day’s drive, covering more than 22% (72 million) of the U.S. population.

Situated at the epicenter of eight large regional/national groceries retailer’s perishable distribution centers.



Project announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature projects

“Mason City has courted our company aggressively and city officials have been easy to work with. On top of that, I’d single out the availability of utilities offered in the Mason City proposal."

Steve IrlandPresident of Bushel Boy

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Technological advancements made by Wisconsin and Iowa manufacturers have continued to lead industry trends, in both productivity and sustainability.

Industrial metal processing, automation precision machinery, environment control systems, digital and electronic devices are highly specialized.

Companies throughout Alliant Energy’s service area play a major role in the global marketplace—this critical mass of expertise makes our location well worth investigating for companies seeking a competitive advantage. Gain access to a comprehensive supply chain reducing your costs and improving delivery schedules.



Projects announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature projects

For this building to be here in this short timeline is a lot of trust and a lot of people working together. We recognized this area was something special when we moved here about a decade ago. We’re so happy to be here.

Bob FlickerChief Operating Officer of East Penn



Today’s consumers are looking for three main qualities in their packaged products, especially when it comes to food product packaging: convenience, ease of use, and ease of transport. The choice of a manufacturing location is a complex decision, where economic drivers are constantly changing and strategy needs to be reviewed regularly.

Iowa and Wisconsin have all forms of packaging covered from paper and board packaging to plastic bottles, shrink wrap, pouches, trays and cans.


Projects announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature projects

We continue to see a promising future for rotogravure printing dedicated to flexible packaging, and chose DeForest as home to our first satellite facility based on location, talented labor pool and the historical success we’ve enjoyed in Wisconsin.

Peter SchottlandCEO of American Packaging

Plastics and Polymers

The plastic products manufacturing industry is a major component of the economy in Iowa and Wisconsin

Offering services to a range of industries, including packaging, building and construction, electronics, aerospace, and transportation. Our companies utilize the full range of processing methods including injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, rotational molding and thermoforming.


Projects announced since 2018


Million in new capital investment


New jobs

Feature project

Knoxville was one of the sites that we recognized as having the most capable workforce, the technical capabilities, the production capabilities – we’ve really got the right workforce.

Bob MannemanPlant Manager at 3M Corp