Alliant Energy announces progress toward Clean Energy Vision in 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

By August 12, 2021 No Comments

At Alliant Energy, we recently released our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report highlighting advancements in renewable energy and progress on our clean energy vision. The report focuses on our environmental, social and governance programs and the continued emphasis on the communities we serve. 

When it comes to progress, successful execution of our strategy has yielded the following achievements:  

  • Carbon dioxide reduced 42% since 2005.  
  • 1,100 megawatts of coal retired with plans to retire another 1,300 MW by the end of 2024.  
  • 10% of light-duty fleet vehicles are electric.  
  • Water use reduced 66% since 2005.  

We take great pride in advancing a more sustainable future through our purpose-driven strategy to serve customers and build stronger communitiesWe were also pleased to announce our plan to add more than 1 million trees to our service areas over the next decade in honor of our customers.

To achieve this goal, Alliant Energy will partner with organizations and communities throughout Iowa and Wisconsin in support of public forest restoration and preservation, urban forestry projects and other tree planting efforts.

The new tree planting initiative is in addition to plans to expand solar energy generation and build out the connected energy network while focusing on building a stronger, more diverse energy grid. 

Collectively, these initiatives position Alliant Energy to achieve our sustainability goals, which include eliminating all coal from our generation fleet by 2040 and achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generated by 2050. These goals are part of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint, our roadmap to a cleaner, more reliable and resilient energy generation future.